Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Recap: 4th of July

If I had to use one word to describe this weekend it would be: relaxing. On Friday morning we took the dogs to the dog park and after they were good and worn out, we dropped them off at the house and went to get brunch. Afterwards, we went home and took it easy for most of the day.

We had a special dinner: steaks, twice baked potatoes, and broccoli. For dessert we had blackberry cobbler and Hubby's homemade vanilla ice cream. It was delicious! We talked about going to see the fireworks show downtown but decided we didn't want to fight the crowds so we stayed home and lit sparklers (leftover from our wedding) instead.

Saturday we were relaxing around the house and we realized Penny was sick. I'll spare you the details. So we decided to just stay at home and keep an eye on her for the rest of the day. We ended up filling the time with a Heroes marathon on Netflix.

We had to get up with Penny several times through the night and she was still sick on Sunday. I really didn't want to leave her while she was sick so we stayed home on Sunday as well. We watched more Heroes, did laundry, disinfected a lot of stuff so Wallace wouldn't get sick as well, and cleaned around the house. We thought of taking Penny to an after hours clinic but after researching the two nearby, I wasn't pleased with the online reviews. Also, Penny's demeanor and energy level were normal so that reassured me that we could hold out until Monday if we needed to.

She was still sick last night and this morning so I stayed home from work to take her to the vet. She did great and we found out she has a mild case of kennel cough. We're thinking she picked it up either last week at the boarder's or Friday morning at the dog park. The vet prescribed her some meds and I can already see a difference. Normally Hubby would probably take her but he had registration and clinical rotation orientation today. His first rotation is in pediatrics and it starts tomorrow! It'll definitely be a change but a good one, we are both very excited about it!

Even though it was unplanned, it was so nice to just have a weekend at home. We hung out in our new comfy chairs, watched Heroes, and took care of Wallace and Penny. I'm so glad Penny is feeling better. It wasn't what I thought this weekend would be like but we still had a really nice time.

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Tamara said...

Your dinner sounds DELICIOUS - I'm coming to stay with you guys! Poor Penny, I hope she gets to feeling better!