Monday, July 14, 2014

Google Apps is Driving Me Nuts

Do any of you know how to access Google Apps? I have tried and tried but I can't get it to work for me. This is what happens: I click the link for the admin login page it takes me to that page, I put in my username and password and hit "sign in" then it takes me back to the login page. Over and over and over. No "that email/password is incorrect" or anything like that. I looked into contacting Google but apparently since I'm not a paying customer I can't do that. I really wanted to renew my use of the address but unless I can access Google Apps, I can't do it.

Any help/advice you might have would be very appreciated!


Brittney said...

Did you try using a different browser? When I have issues with Google, I try Chrome and it usually works. I don't use Google Apps, so I can't check it out for you. :)

Andy Wolber said...

Access your Google admin page at either:
or alternatively, at
(or whatever domain you used).

If you're using Chrome and still have problems, open a "New Incognito Window" (from the menu where you access Settings), then try to login.

Hope that helps!

Joe Tierney said...

Great suggestions above. The "Manage this Domain" option in Gmail Settings should also bring you to the Admin control panel.

However, I'm not sure what there is to renew if you're on Google Apps Standard, aka free version.