Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap: Hot Springs Getaway

Back in March, Hubby and I decided that we were going to need a quality time getaway weekend after his board exam in June but before he began his clinical rotations in July. I'm so glad we decided to have this trip!

On Thursday evening, we loaded up the car and made the hour drive to Hot Springs for our weekend away. We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast called 1890 Williams House Inn, I highly recommend it if you're ever in Hot Springs. Once we got there, we settled into our room and then went to grab dinner. After dinner we drove around Hot Springs to get our bearings and take in some of the sights, then we went back to the b&b where we played card games and watched a movie.

this scale, stethoscope, and doctor's bag were in the hall outside of our room, at first we joked that medical school was following us everywhere but later we found out that the man who was the first owner/built the house was a doctor

Friday morning we got up, had a lovely pancake breakfast at Williams House, then headed out to Garvan Gardens. We spent the entire morning there and it was lovely. We walked around most of the park and talked while enjoying the beautiful scenery. We also strolled over to the beautiful Anthony Chapel at the end of our walk, we ended up there right before noon so we waited the extra couple of minutes to hear the bells ring at the bell tower just a short walk away.

Afterwards we had lunch I told Hubby I would love to take a nap so we went back to our room to rest for awhile. The nap was wonderful and very needed. Once we were awake and feeling refreshed we headed to bath house row where we had a mineral bath scheduled at Quapaw Bathhouse. This was probably my favorite thing we did. It was so relaxing.

After the bath, we sat in the cooling room for awhile, drinking the mineral water with fruit in it and letting our body temperatures drop back down. Then we wandered around some shops and had dinner. After dinner we decided to drive up the west mountain and we saw a beautiful view of the city then we (shocker) went back to our room to watch Girl Meets World and a movie we brought from home.

On Saturday I woke up at 5 am (annoying). I read and drank some hot tea while Hubby slept for awhile longer. Once he woke up we got ready for the day but we still had to hang out in our room for about 20 minutes since it wasn't time for breakfast downstairs yet, dang us early risers. Breakfast that morning was a breakfast quesadilla with some fruit. It was really good and not too heavy. We drove back to bathhouse row where we walked up and down the street reading the history of each bathhouse, going to the museum and fully refurbished Fordyce Bathhouse, and purchasing a cute magnet at the gift shop in the Lamar Bathhouse.

We went in a few shops we missed the day before and then had a delicious lunch of Latin American food while we watched part of the Chile vs. Brazil soccer game. I told Hubby that I'd love to have another nap so after lunch we went back to Williams House and did just that. We puttered around and just took it easy Saturday afternoon before getting gussied up for a nice dinner date that evening. It was delicious.

All weekend we had been wanting to go to the Hot Springs Mountain Tower but we kept putting it off due to weather or something else coming up. Well it started pouring during dinner so we thought we'd have to push it off again but luckily things started to clear after dinner and we ended up being so thankful we had waited. When we went up to the top there was fog coming up off the mountains, part of a rainbow in the sky, and the sun was setting over the horizon, it was beautiful. We took our time and enjoyed the views.

Sunday morning we woke up early and instead of eating at our b&b we went to The Pancake Shop which was delicious. It may have been my favorite restaurant all weekend. If you go to Hot Springs, definitely eat there! After our bellies were full of delicious pancakes, we checked out of Williams House and headed home. Once home we took it easy, worked on some laundry, and picked up Wallace and Penny from the boarder's. It was a nice, relaxing day.

Our weekend was just what we were looking for: a romantic weekend away full of quality time together. It was so nice to be away from home where we easily get distracted by other things needing our attention because we could really focus on each other. It was just what we needed after the weeks upon weeks of Hubby studying and it was absolutely wonderful.


Erika said...

What a neat place!!! I have never heard of a bath house...I mean, since like...ancient Rome or something. :) It didn't occur to me they existed anywhere in modern America! Now I need to go Google and educate myself!!

Nina B. said...

this place looks glorious

Tamara said...

Oh my gosh, that chapel is AMAZING! The thought of staying at a bed and breakfast has always freaked me out... how did you like it?