Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Love Story {part III}

{I have a condensed version of our love story under the Our Story tab but I wanted to sit down and rewrite it in more detail this time. Click here to read part I and part II.}

. . . He said yes! I was so excited! A day or two later we were walking to class and instead of turning down the hall towards his class, he continued up the stairs with me. When I asked him why he said he wanted to ask me something. He then proceeded to ask me to his club’s spring formal. Unfortunately someone had already asked me so I had to say no but I told him I’d love it if we could spend some time together. He agreed. Then he asked if I would be his date on the canoe trip in a month and I said yes. I was elated but I wished we could hang out before then.

At the end of March, Hubby and I were talking about tv shows we liked and silly things we enjoyed. I admitted to him that I still enjoyed the PBS cartoon Arthur, he told me that he really liked Star Trek, he even had a Star Trek shirt in his closet. I begged him to please wear it saying it would make me so happy if he did. On April 1st, 2008 I walked into the student center and Hubby was sitting at the table. He smiled really big and opened his raincoat to show me that he was wearing his Star Trek shirt. It made me so happy that he wore that to show me! It was kind of an inside joke and something goofy we could share. That same day we were waiting in line for our food and he said “hey, what are you doing this weekend?” I didn’t have any plans and I said so. He asked if I’d like to go to dinner and a movie on Friday night and of course, I said yes!

at my spring formal

Unable to wait until Friday, I texted him that night and asked if he wanted to go on a walk. We walked around campus and talked for hours. It was wonderful. The next day was a Wednesday and he asked if I would like to go to the football team's bible study with him that evening. We had such a fun time worshiping and roasting s'mores. Afterwards it started raining so we sat in his jeep in the parking lot of my dorm talking, laughing, and listening to the soundtrack of the musical Camelot. But on Thursday, he didn’t call me. I was worried that maybe he had found something about me that he didn’t like. That night I was awoken by the sound of tornado sirens and we all had to evacuate our rooms and go to rooms on the first floor of our building. As I sat with my roommates in a stranger's dorm room, I got a text message from Hubby wanting to know if I was ok and saying he was worried about me. I beamed.

brother and sister clubs, we were a stereotype at our college

Friday night came and instead of flowers, he got me an Arthur book. I loved that he did something different and special for me. We went to dinner and I had the obligatory salad (ha! Just had to throw that in there). Afterwards we went to see Horton Hears A Who, which we both loved and quote to this day. Our first date was wonderful. On our one year anniversary I got him the book Horton Hatches The Egg and wrote an inscription inside the front cover.

the first time we held hands

Our first official date was on Friday, April 4, 2008. We had been dating for almost 2 years when Hubby proposed on December 27, 2009. (but that’s another story for another day J ) We were engaged for a year and married on January 1, 2011, yep, 1.1.11.

wedding photography by Taylor Howard Photography

This year we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and this April it will be 6 years together since that first date. It's been wonderful to write all of this down and really think back on it. It helped me remember details I hadn’t thought of in a long time. It’s not dramatic, it’s not a whirlwind romance, but it’s ours. I am so thankful that God changed my plans and put Hubby in my life. I am so blessed.


Kristin Murphy said...

YAY! I love that he got you an Arthur book! Ha!

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LOVE that proposal photo