Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Love Story {part II}

{I have a condensed version of our love story under the Our Story tab but I wanted to sit down and rewrite it in more detail this time. Click here to read part I.}

So Hubby began having lunch with us every day and we got to know each other better. It was so wonderful to get to know him and spend time together. I looked forward to that time every day. After lunch we’d walk together to our next classes, my class was on the way to his. As we got further into spring, it came time for spring formals. I dropped hints to see if he had asked anyone yet and found out he had asked a girl but she had said no due to other commitments. Even though she had turned him down, I was crushed. I knew he must like this girl and that meant he probably didn’t have feelings for me.

In March the other show directors and I realized we were short on guys’ jerseys to wear for the annual jersey night performance. We started calling all the guys who weren’t participating and of course I offered to contact Hubby. He agreed and let us borrow his jersey. I still had a full blown crush him and can I tell you how badly I wanted to wear his for our rehearsal on jersey night? I was too worried he would figure out I had feelings for him if I did so I opted not to wear it.

When it came time to return the jerseys I talked with my best friend (later my matron of honor) and we came up with a plan. I decided I’d use seeing him to return his jersey as an opportunity to ask him to be my date to my club’s spring formal. After the spring formal I’d take a risk and tell him how I felt; I’d tell him that I’d love to spend more time with him and ask him if he might feel the same. Well since I liked this guy so much I wanted to ask him to my formal in a special way. He was a football player so I got one of those little footballs the cheerleaders throw out at the games and wrote “Hubby, will you go to my formal with me?” on it. I called him to find a time to return his jersey and when we met up, I threw the football to him praying he would catch it and read it and not just throw it to someone else. He caught it, read it, and said . . .


Kristin said...

I love reading about your story :) Can't wait to read the rest!

Nina B said...

I really hope he didn't throw it someone else!! lol