Monday, November 24, 2014


Looking forward to. . . heading to Dallas for Thanksgiving. I'm going to get to spend some quality girl time with my Nanna, my cousin Lauren, and my Mom and I can't wait.

Reading. . . Dorothy Must Die. A friend at work told me about it and it's really good so far. Imagine this: Amy gets swept up by a tornado to Oz where Dorothy has taken over and turned into a dictator, it's up to her to assassinate Dorothy and save Oz before Dorothy destroys it. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Enjoying. . . having this entire week off. This break is well deserved in my opinion and it's so nice to know I can just relax for the week.

Watching. . . The Office on Netflix. We've watched it so many times but we still love it. It's our "go to" show when we want to watch something funny and light hearted.

Purchasing. . . our Christmas cards for this year! I just clicked "Submit Order" and I am so excited about them!!

Feeling. . . relaxed, content, and thankful.

Wanting. . . to make the most of my time with my family this week.

Loving. . . our Christmas decorations. We put them up early this year due to some busy-ness the weekend after Thanksgiving and I am just basking in the beauty and holiday spirit that has taken over our home.

Excited about . . . the holiday season in general. This is such a special time of the year for Hubby and I. We not only have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's to celebrate but we also have my birthday and our anniversary. It's such a wonderful time for us, we love it.

Hoping . . . everyone enjoys their Christmas presents from us. We are doing Christmas early with my side of the family and I really want everyone to like what we got them. I hope they do!

Remembering. . . past holiday seasons. Ones from childhood, more recent ones with Hubby. . . this time of the year just makes me so warm, fuzzy, and sentimental.

Missing . . . the family members I don't get to celebrate with anymore due to their failing health or passing away, especially my Grandma, Grandpa, and Mama Rachel.

Praying. . . prayers of thankfulness this week. I'm trying to focus on being appreciative and thankful not only this week but always. Remembering all you have to be thankful for brings joy to the heart.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wallace's 3rd Birthday

Yesterday was Wallace's 3rd birthday and I cannot believe our little puppy is a big 3 year old dog now. I said this on Penny's birthday too but in some ways it seems like we just picked little Wallace up and now he's 3. I'm always asking both of them "When did you get so big?! You were just a little puppy!" I guess it's proof that time really does fly.

Wallace had a wonderful birthday: eggs for breakfast, hamburger meat for dinner, a long walk in between, and some presents to top it all off! The day before we took Wallace and Penny to the store to pick out a couple of presents: some treats, a stuffing-less raccoon toy and two duck feet that the store owner threw in for free for Wallace's birthday. Our pups had never had duck feet before but they gobbled them up when we gave them to them on Monday night! And they both love the raccoon toy too, it has crinkly plastic in it and they just cannot get enough of that.

I know it's silly and we spoil them rotten but we just love our pups to death and while they don't know it's their birthday, I know and I like to do something special to make the day a little different for them. We just could not imagine our lives without Wallace and Penny, they add so much joy, laughter, and love to our home. Happy Birthday sweet Wallace!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Learning Something New

Back in October a friend from grad school posted a picture on Instagram about a calligraphy class she took at a local paper store. It piqued my interest and I followed the paper store, The Social Type, on instagram but a few days later I forgot about it. Then, a couple weeks after that, The Social Type announced they would be offering more classes in November. I got so excited and talked to Hubby about it over our camping weekend then quickly signed up.

The class was last Wednesday night and I had the best time. It was from 6-8:30 and covered the basics for beginners. When I got there they offered me food and drinks then asked me to find my place card on the table so I would know where to sit. I'm glad they did this so there wasn't an awkward debate in my head about where to sit. The two other women at my table were very sweet and we had fun talking before the class began.

While the class was hosted by The Social Type, it was taught by Shannan of Paper Glaze Calligraphy.  Shannan was so sweet and helpful. She was great at finding something pretty in every person's calligraphy and it was very encouraging to all of us newbies! Shannan started out by educating us on all of the supplies in front of us, then she showed us how to place the nib in our calligraphy pen and how to correctly hold the pen. Over the next two hours she took us through all of the lower case letters in the alphabet (minuscules) then the numbers 0 through 9. At the end she had each of us use what we'd learned to address an envelope to ourselves saying she would be mailing each of us a note.

I've been practicing calligraphy ever since the class and I feel like I'm gradually improving. I find calligraphy to be really relaxing as you have to focus on what you're doing and take your time with each letter. I have all my supplies set up on the dining room table and after I get home from walking with the dogs I like to sit down and spend some time writing each letter several times and then practicing the names of friends and family. I think it's safe to say I've developed a new hobby!

If you're interested and you have a chance, you should take a calligraphy class. I'm really hoping Shannan comes back to The Social Type to teach the advanced class but just in case, I'm adding the calligraphy book she recommends to my Christmas list. I'm glad I took a chance and went out of my comfort zone to learn something new, it was a wonderful experience.

Mount Nebo Camping Trip

A few months ago when we received Hubby's rotation schedule I saw that there was an open weekend in between rotations in October. Initially we thought a renting a cabin with my mom and stepdad at Mount Magazine would be fun but unfortunately they were already booked up. Hubby and I still wanted to get away that weekend so we did some research and decided to plan a camping trip to Mount Nebo instead. We knew that after his surgery rotation we'd want some quality time to get away, just the two of us and the pups, and this was the perfect fit.

On Friday afternoon we were lucky enough to both get done early, I had early dismissal due to homecoming events at the school I serve and Hubby had his surgery rotation exam that morning. It was nice to be able to start our weekend off early and we felt very spoiled. The short hour and a half drive went quickly and we talked most of the way. Once we got to Mount Nebo, we checked in then Hubby set up while I walked the dogs around and fed them dinner. 

After we settled in, Hubby made hot dogs over the fire, we played card games, took the dogs on a walk, and talked by the fire as we ate s'mores. It was a really nice evening. 

tent life

The next morning we woke up early to see the sun rise. I didn't take any pictures of the sunrise but it was beautiful. Saturday afternoon I did manage to snap of few photos of the beautiful view we had from our campsite. Most of the campsites at Mount Nebo are really close to each other but when I called I booked one of the four "mountain view" sites and it's a good thing I did! We had a gorgeous view and more space than the other campsites. The rest of the morning was spent on an easy, long hike. The dogs loved it and we saw so many beautiful views. 

We ate lunch on the back porch of the Visitor's Center which had a gorgeous view of the valley and river below then we went back to our campsite where we both took short naps. That afternoon we relaxed around the campsite: talking, reading, following the Harding football game online, then it was time to make dinner. We made this pizza roll recipe I found on pinterest. It was pretty good, next time I think we'll cook it a little less than the recipe recommends though. After dinner we drove to Sunset Point to watch the sunset. A lot of people were there and I don't blame them, it was lovely. 

After sunset we went back to our campsite and played a game of Scrabble while we listened to the jamming wedding reception in the background. There's a beautiful pavilion on the campgrounds where weddings can be held and unfortunately one was held the second night of our stay but luckily the reception wrapped up around 9pm so the loud music ceased and we were glad to have the quiet back. Yes we're those people haha! Hashtag party poopers

We had a wonderful evening and the next morning we packed up and hit the road early. We picked up donuts on the way out of town and ventured home through thick fog. The weekend was just what we needed: a getaway to spend quality time together after not getting very much of it throughout Hubby's very busy surgery rotation. It was definitely a success for a second camping trip and while I think I'll forever be an indoors girl, as long as I have Hubby with me and a bathroom within walking distance, I can certainly see many more camping trips in our future. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Penny's 2nd Birthday

Penny turned 2 years old on October 23 and I can't believe it. In some ways it feels like she's always been part of our family and in other ways it seems like we picked her up just a couple of weeks ago. We did the normal dog birthday meals: scrambled eggs for breakfast then browned ground beef for dinner and the pups, of course, loved it. After dinner, Penny received some fun treats for her birthday. We actually went to buy them on our walk the day before. Instead of our normal route through the neighborhood we walked over to a nearby store and picked out some special dog cookies, a new bone, and a bully stick for each of them. Overall I think Penny had a very good 2nd birthday! We love her to death and can't imagine our home without her. Happy Birthday Penny Pie!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Walk With Goldilocks

Every day I take Wallace and Penny on walks. I have to take them separately because while walking them together is doable, Penny tends to be a bit of a spastic walker while on a leash (swerving, barking, pulling, just normal Penny stuff ;) ) so it's just easier for me to take them each on back to back, individual walks. I started walking to get out of my weight loss plateau. I had been stuck at the same weight for awhile and needed to change something so I chose a few small things to focus on, one of those being 10,000 steps a day. I get a lot of steps at work so it's easy to complete (and usually exceed) the 10,000 mark when I go on two walks with the pups after I get home.

On our walks we always pass the elementary school in our neighborhood. This school is precious. It's older so the architecture is nice, they keep the grounds well manicured, and the students in the after school program run and play in their adorable plaid uniforms. . . Since we walk every day the children are accustomed to the dogs and me walking by. In fact, Wallace and Penny have become quite the little celebrities with the students. Whenever we walk past both of the playgrounds (one for the younger students, one for the older students) there are squeals of delight and shouts of "Hi Wallace!" "Penny, come over here, let me pet you!" "Aww they're so cute!" "He licked me!"

My favorite child is an adorable little girl I'm going to refer to as Goldilocks because of her beautiful white blonde hair. Goldilocks is on the younger student playground and I don't think she can be older than 1st or 2nd grade. It was one of the very first days I was walking and it was Wallace's turn, all of the sudden sweet Goldilocks came running up to the fence asking me all about Wallace. "What's his name?" "How old is he?" "What kind of dog is he?" After I gave her all the answers she wanted, she told me all about her dog: she has an older Whippet if you were curious. It was an adorable interaction and she made me smile with her friendliness and curiosity. On our walk the following day Goldilocks ran up to us again and she asked if I could walk Wallace by her house some time, she then proceeded to tell me a description of her house and the street address! Ha! Each evening I would tell Hubby about our walks and interactions with the students, especially Goldilocks, and how cute they all are.

Now Goldlilocks has become used to our daily walks and when she runs up to the fence she usually has several friends with her. Then I usually pick up whatever dog I have with me and walk them down the line of kiddos so they can all pet the Scottie. And if Goldilocks misses us, it's guaranteed that one of her friends will see us and shout "Goldilocks! It's your favorite dog!!" then they all come running! And every evening, Hubby asks "Did you see Goldilocks today?"

When it first happened, I certainly thought it was funny and cute, this little precocious girl asking all about my dogs and wanting to know everything about us but I didn't think it'd become a regular occurrence . . . and I'm glad it has. I find myself looking forward to these interactions with Goldilocks and her friends every afternoon. If she doesn't see me on my first walk around the neighborhood, I get a little disappointed and hopeful that she'll see us when I walk by with the next pup. It adds something fun and sweet to my day that I've grown quite fond of.